When Trust Rises, Organizations Soar

The essence of a better business is trust and now trust is a performance metric.


BBB Trust Score combines the tried and true with the new and innovative to advance trust in businesses and organizations. By measuring the system of trust inside their operation, together we develop a plan to lift it up.


Raising trust helps businesses and organizations reach their peak potential, improves performance with a happier team, and makes a more meaningful impact in the community.


Leadership drives a culture inspired by their character and actions.

A culture of honesty, integrity, values and purpose motivates the team to perform and make more customers happy.

Be Better Leaders

The best leaders are intentional about building a better business. The honest people at BBB will help you achieve your goal.

Reach Team Potential

A workforce powered by a culture of trust is happier, more inspired to do their work, and committed to staying with the organization longer.

Show The Trust

Celebrate your commitment to building a trustworthy organization by posting your BBB Trust Score along with what it means to your leadership and the team. New recruits are already knocking on your door!

“The Trust Score is embedded in our culture… it’s now a competitive strength and a tool we use, and it’s part of our routine.”

Scott McComb
Chairman & CEO, Heartland Bank
2012 Torch Award for Ethics Recipient


When trust rises, organizations soar

BBB is in the trust business. Our research shows that being a
trustworthy organization matters now more than ever. Indeed,
organizations with high levels of trust outperform in their
industry, attract top talent, and positively impact the community.

Measuring trust within an organization

By using BBB Trust Score annually, organizations develop a
process of reviewing and optimizing for levels of trust in
areas of character of leadership, culture, customers and
community. Metrics and a detailed report drive consensus,
understanding and a fresh way to create incremental change.
BBB resources, best practices and stories guide the path.
To build trust, BBB has developed BBB Trust Score, a web application
to scientifically measure trust inside organizations.

Start with trust, stand with us

BBB Trust Score is currently available to limited accredited
businesses in North America as we refine this powerful
platform with a handful of local BBBs. To learn more,
connect with your local BBB to ensure you qualify as an Accredited Business.


If you have any questions about the BBB Trust Score, please fill out the form to contact the Better Business Bureau serving Central Ohio directly, or call us at (614)-486-6531.